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First 100 Days

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First 100 Days

Welcome your new employees with a customized checklist and organize their onboarding tasks. The First 100 Days is Peoplewave's approach to providing a comprehensive, employee-centered, and structured onboarding experience from day one to the end of the probation period.

The application was only designed for mobile use by our awesome ex UI/UX designer from Singapore. Later on, due to the results of extensive testing, we decided to create a desktop version.

I created the desktop version design using Adobe XD so we can catch up to the deadline.


In this page, new-hires can easily track their to-dos/checklist if achieved or not. The to-dos are reset every week.


Network page is where users can see their teams and check if they already met.

Quick Wins

This is where new-hires track their main tasks. Tasks will be marked as completed after the manager did the review.

First Impression

First Impression is the page where new-hires can check their monthly score, the breakdown of their score for each category, and the list of reviewers who did review.

The features

  • Orientation Workflow Management
  • Task Management
  • Job Description Management
  • Self Service Portal
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